TCA Commander iPhone and iPad Apps for Incident Command

Manage incidents using your iPhone or iPad with TCA Commander™. Quickly log assigned tasks and events. Easy to set-up and customize. Generates fully-detailed PDF incident log report. Improve incident management and cut administrative time!

  • Accurately Track and Manage Units

    Assign an incident task to a unit with just a few taps. One screen tracks all assignments. Plus, you can view tasks by unit as well for the entire incident.

  • Templates Simplify Assignments

    Incident templates feature ready-to-use task shortcuts. With just a few taps, you can assign tasks and know that critical details are being tracked for you automatically.

  • Running Clocks Improve Safety

    Incident and tasks include running clocks to track elapsed time. Make time-critical command decisions and track cirtical information such as air consumption of crews and building collapse concerns.

  • Time Stamps Automate Log

    Recorded assignments and incident events are automatically saved to the log with a time stamp. You'll eliminate frustrating hours at your desk after the incident documenting important details.

  • Incident Log Streamlines Reporting

    The Incident Log report is professional and can be attached to your formal reports with ease. TCA Commander gives you more time to manage the incident and stay focused on the scene instead of trying to juggle a complicated, multi-sheet command chart.

    OS Support iPhone, iPad (iOS 8.0)
    Incident templates Structure fire, traffic accident, grass fire
    Features Incident templates, unlimited apparatus, automated logs, benchmarking, incident report, file management, and much more…
    Version 1.03 (released December 29, 2016)

About Us

Our mission is to deliver quality, low-cost mobile Apps that improve command management and increase incident safety.

  • Apps specifically designed for incident commanders
  • Intuitive solutions for any experience level
  • Ready-to-use and customizable by department or station

Do What Toughbook® Solutions Cannot

Tactical Command Apps are designed to take advantage of the easy-to-use iPhone® / iPad® interface used by tens of millions of Apple® product users. Each App is intuitively designed and eliminates the need for hours of training like other solutions.

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Finally, I can accurately track and manage all units working at the scene using my iPhone or iPad. No more notepads with scribbled notes. It's easy to use, too!   
- R. Waters, Battalion Chief

Version History

TCA Commander 1.03 December 30, 2016

Updated for iOS compatibiity. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

TCA Commander 1.0 August 21, 2012

Initial release for Apple Store.

  • New Supports structure fires, traffic accidents, and grass fires.

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How To Videos

If you're just getting started with TCA Commander, here's a collection of helpful videos.

  • Dispatch to Report

    This video demonstrates how the Incident Commander uses TCA Commander to manage the entire incident from initial dispatch to emailing the incident log report.

  • Adding Units

    This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to add units to the App so you can assign incident tasks.

  • Assigning Units

    This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to assign and manage incident task assignments .

  • Email Incident Log Report

    This video demonstrates how to send the Incident Log PDF report to yourself via email.